Licensing & Ordination Program


Our Christian Licensing & Ordination Program is not for everybody.

Please read this entire page carefully before deciding if what we offer is what you feel Called to do.

About Our Credential Program

The MPC (Ministry Preparation Course) is directed specifically to Christians who have shown evidence of God's calling on their lives.  

 Applicants who have DEDICATED THEIR LIVES TO CHRIST and understand that this course is designed specifically for those who already know they are called by the Lord to His service.  

Applicants will not be a newly converted believer, but must already have been walking with the Lord Jesus, and be well grounded in God's word through previous, diligent study of the Bible.  

All applications for Licensing and Ordination must be approved before entry into the Program will be granted, so as you can see, this isn't anything close to an "instant ordination" process.  We do not believe that Ordination should be as easy as sending an e-mail and then receiving an e-mail reply saying you are Ordained.  Yes, there are places like that out there on the Internet, but thatís just not our way.  Becoming Ordained in Godís Ministry is very serious business.

So if you just want to become Ordained so you can perform a quick marriage and "cash in" on being a Minister, then I suggest you point your web browser elsewhere. But if you are a devout Christian and have received a serious Calling from God, then we may have the program for you.  If you are a serious Christian and you seriously want to serve God in His Ministry, but just canít afford to spend four or five years in Seminary - not to mention thousands of dollars - and you don't feel that the "instant ordination" process is for you, then we may have the program you're looking for. We freely admit that our program isn't for everyone, but it is for those that want to have a significant head start on what they need to know to be an effective Minister of God.


"How Can I Become Licensed and Ordained?Ē

You must be at least 21 years of age in order to become Ordained by Star Vision Christian Ministries.

Our Ordination course is somewhat involved.  Each of the following steps must be completed:

    Each applicant must fill out the Application for our Ministry Preparation Course, found by clicking on the link below. 

    Once the Application arrives it will be reviewed by a member of our Executive Staff, who will then e-mail you to confirm that it was really you that sent it, and that you really want to proceed with the Ministry Preparation Course. 

    You MUST respond to this e-mail from the Ministry for the application process to continue. Failure to respond will result in your application being denied.

    After receiving your reply the Application will be given prayerful consideration.  We may need to contact you via e-mail with questions and/or concerns. 

    Your timely answers to these questions will also directly affect your eligibility for entry into the Ministry Preparation Course.

Open and timely communication is the key to this process. If you receive an inquiry from Star Vision and you do not answer within 48 hours, your application may be summarily denied for failure to communicate with the Ministry.

       All Applicants will be required to establish an account on our message forums and maintain an active presence on the boards during the time they are completing the course. The Forum will be used as the outlet to receive information concerning the Module assignments for the Ministry Preparation Course. The account on the forum is free and we do NOT reveal any of your personal data to outside sources.

Successfully completing the Ministry Preparation Course is not assured, but If you successfully complete the program with a passing grade of 80%, and within the allowed time frame, you will be granted License and Ordination as a Christian Minister.

Ordination with Star Vision Christian Ministries is granted for life, and allows the Ordained Minister to perform all valid Christian Ministerial ordinances.

We will not try to solicit tithing or any other type of "donations" once you are Ordained.  Our only expense is the cost of the credential package, and that expense only exists to offset the cost of the creation and shipping of the Credentials.

We realize that we are one of the very few online ministries that provide this caliber of ministerial education and credentials, and as such, we also realize that some people will come here solely enticed by the prospect of this very same service.  This is one of the reasons we screen all applicants very carefully.  You see, we want to prepare for Ministry only those people that are serious about a Calling from God to preach and teach the Word.  We don't charge you a lot of money for anything here, but we will definitely charge you time and effort.  You have to seriously want to succeed here.  It is neither quick nor 100% easy to get through our program, but it is possible.  If you are serious about your Calling, you will arrive victorious on the other side of this process.



If you have spam or junk filters in force on your e-mail account:  Once you submit your Application for Enrollment you should pay careful attention to your spam or junk mail boxes for e-mails coming to you from this Ministry. 

And please remember that failure to answer e-mails from Star Vision during the Application deliberation process could be cause for the denial of your Application.

Let me say this another way ...

Failure to communicate during any part of the process may result in your application being denied. Once you receive any email from the Ministry please acknowledge that you have received it, even if you cannot answer it immediately. Also, once you are admitted to the program you must remain in regular contact with the Ministry and answer all emails as soon as you can.


Finally, some important points to seriously think about when considering whether or not to apply for entry into the License and Ordination program through Star Vision Christian Ministries:

We ordain both men and women into God's Ministry, regardless of position, authority, or office.  We do not believe that women are subordinate to or "under the coverage" of men.  All are equal here.  If you have a problem with women in the Ministry, and possibly even in the upper offices of the Ministry, or problems with women possibly directing the actions of men in the Ministry, then this is definitely not the place for you to apply for Ordination.  Here men and women enjoy equal consideration.  We very seriously believe that women are absolutely equal to men in any office of the ministry.

As it is written in our Statement of Doctrine and Beliefs, we believe that the institution of Marriage should exist solely in the Biblical ideal of being between one man and one woman.  We do not believe in the practice of same-sex marriage, nor do we believe in the practice of polygamy or polyandry.

We do not believe that anyone should be involved in a physical relationship with another individual without being legally married.  Cohabitation ("Living Together") is not the same as being married, regardless of local or state ordinances.  God commands that people should be married before joining into a physical relationship, and we believe in this practice.

All applicants must agree completely with our Statement of Doctrine before being granted entry to the License and Ordination program of this Ministry.





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