Ministry Credential Descriptions:  

You must be at least 21 years of age in order to become Ordained by Star Vision Christian Ministries.

Certified Christian Worker (CCW):  This is an entry level course and is for those that do not wish to become Ordained as a Christian Minister.  This course provides 14 automated lessons that can be completed in approximately 14 hours.  This course of study includes:
Foundations of Christianity (8 Lessons) with studies on: God the Father, Divinity of Jesus, Holy Spirit, Trinity, Sin, Salvation & Grace, The Church, Baptism, Temptation, God's Will
Biblical Vocations (6 Lessons) with studies on: Biblical vocations described as  Steward, Messenger, Potter, Carpenter, Gardener and Ambassador

Ordained Christian Minister (OCM) This program will prepare you for Ordination as a Christian Minister.  This series of courses includes all of the CCW lessons explained above, plus a combination of 33 automated lessons and 10 modules requiring short essay answers.
Survey of the Bible (6 Lessons) overview of the entire 66 books of the Bible.
Study of the Church (4 Lessons) understanding God's original intent for the church and its function in our world.
Personal Evangelism (8 Lessons) Sharing with others on how to become a Christian, Helpful Scripture verse when witnessing, starting a witnessing conversation, Conveying the Gospel to someone of a different religion.
Understanding the Gospel (7 Lessons) five key elements of the Gospel message: God's Demand, Man's Condition, God's Provision, Man's Response, and God's Guarantee. This study will focus on your role as God's messenger in this world.
Practical Living (8 Lessons) topics include offenses, forgiveness, bitterness, depression, purity, prayer, suffering, relationships, and divorce. 
Essay Module Topics: Christian Leadership, Pastoral Visitation, Holy Communion, Baby Dedications, Marriages, Funerals, Business Meetings, Sermon Preparation, Effective Written Communication, and Biblical Management Principles.

  1. Fill out the application, confirm that you agree with our Statement of Beliefs, and answer the brief series of questions.
  2. Upon review and acceptance of your application, you will be sent instructions on how to begin your lessons.
  3. Most lessons are automated and consist of an audio lecture and a series of 15 multiple choice questions.
  4. The Ministry Preparation Course requires the satisfactory completion of Specified Certificate Clusters.  (See the specific requirements above)
Our FREE and Automated Online Bible Curriculum will Help Prepare you for Christian Ministry 

Our hope is that every Christian will serve in the Ministry Call that God has put on their life.  Our Curriculum for Ministry Preparation can help you find that "call" or build on the one that has already been revealed to you.  God has a plan for you to participate in His great purpose and it is our ministry to help equip you to live it out.  


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