Are You Being Called To Christian Ministry?

Is God Asking You To Start A Ministry?

Do You Just Want More Understanding of Christianity?

An Outstanding Curriculum in
Christian Ministry Training is available

to Educate & Prepare
the average lay-person to achieve a 

Certified Ministry Credential

Ministry Certification & Licensing will require an investment of time and effort.  
Our credentials Certify that you have completed the Required Ministry Preparation Courses and hold a 
valid Ministry Credential, equipping you to answer God's call to 
Create and Engage in your own Christian Ministry, should you so choose.

All courses can be taken online and from the comfort of your own home.


Ministry Credential Options:

You must be at least 21 years of age in order to become Ordained by Star Vision Christian Ministries.

Certified Christian Worker:
 This is an entry level course and is for those that do not wish to seek Ordination as a Christian Minister.  This course provides 14 lessons that can be completed in approximately 14 hours.  This course of study covers Foundations of Christianity and Biblical Vocations for Christians. The course can be taken at your own pace and you are free to progress as quickly as you prefer.

Ordained Christian Minister:  This is the Ministry preparation program.  This program contains all 14 lessons contained in the Certified Christian Worker course above, plus 33 automated lessons and 10 Modules that require brief essay answers that will focus on continuing education in areas of Biblical Christian Ministry and Vocational Christian Ministry.  The course can be taken at your own pace and you are free to progress as quickly as you prefer.


  1. Fill out the application, confirm that you agree with our Statement of Beliefs, and answer the brief series of questions.
  2. Upon review and acceptance of your application, you will be sent instructions on how to begin your lessons.
  3. Most lessons are automated and consist of an audio lecture and a series of 15 multiple choice questions.
  4. The Ministry Preparation Course requires the satisfactory completion of Specified Certificate Clusters.  
Our FREE and Automated Online Bible Curriculum will Help Prepare you for Christian Ministry 

Our hope is that every Christian will serve in the Ministry Call that God has put on their life.  Our Curriculum for Ministry Preparation can help you find that "call" or build on the one that has already been revealed to you.  God has a plan for you to participate in His great purpose and it is our ministry to help equip you to live it out.  


If you've read through everything above and 
believe the Lord has called you to be 
more equipped in your faith & call to ministry
and you will be directed to the 
Ministry Credential Descriptions


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